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General Terms and Conditions

The present General Terms and Conditions of Contract have the purpose of defining the business relationship and sales methods used between the CUSTOMER and ICON INSIDE through the online store that ICON INSIDE visualises on its website and associated subdomains, covering from the placing of an order to the payent and delivery of the contracted merchandise, as well as the rights of the CUSTOMER, together with other conditions related to the sale of products.

To this purpose, these Conditions stipulates that between:

The owner of this website and associated subdomains D. Juan Aís Carrión, of Parque del Amadorio, nº 148, Pta. 5, 03177 La Marina-Oasis (Alicante), Spain, identified by NIF no. 21.645.677-D (from here on referred to as ICON INSIDE).

And, any person making a purchase or placing an order through this online store (hereinafer referred to as CUSTOMER).

The carrying out of a purchase and/or placing of an order through our website implies the acceptance of the General Terms and Condtions of Contract by the CUSTOMER, as well as any other specified detail in the order itself.


An order may be placed as a guest user or signed-up user, providing the personal data requested, unless the user has already made a previous purchase and already has access to an account with us.

The carrying out of an order by the CUSTOMER is equal to the full and express acceptance of the price and description of the product for sale, as well as the General Terms and Conditions of Contract, and of any other condition specified on the website in relation to the product selected.

The product purchase and selection procedure is simple and intuitive. The website possesses different pages—account, basket, complete purchase—which the CUSTOMER of our products will provide, and will, once he or she has chosen a payment method and type of delivery, complete the purchase procedure.

In any case, the CUSTOMER can always count on our help in this procedure through our website Contact Form or by email:


Different payment methods are offered on the website, allowing the CUSTOMER to make a secure and easy purchase, through the use of encryption tools.

  1. PAYPAL.
  2. Bank transfer:



IBAN: ES47 0128 0657 1001 0001 5824

Concept: Online order number.

  1. Cash on delivery, payment on receipt of postal packet.
  2. 4 Bank card, through virtual POS.

The prices of articles selected include the corresponding taxes at all times. To each purchase, a fixed shipping cost will be added, which will be specified on the website, and this includes handling, packaging, and shipping from our facilities.


  1. 1 All product orders are subject to the product being made available by ICON INSIDE. As these products are exclusive, the number of units of each product is limited. In the case of any difficulty existing in order to supply the selected product, or if the delivery period established for the product cannot be met, ICON INSIDE will inform the CUSTOMER of this cirucmstance in a period of no longer than fifteen (15) days. The CUSTOMER is also able to visualise the condition of the items, the state of the purchase process, and the stocks available, all in the “account” space provided by the website.

TAll prices for ICON INSIDE products for sale from this online store website include the Spanish Value Added Tax (VAT). For territories with a special tax status—Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, etc—and for all those considered outside the costs of customs clearance and import taxes, customs costs are not included in the item price and must be paid by the CUSTOMER on receipt of the merchandise according to local regulations in force.

  1. 2 The preparation and shipping of orders will take place from Spain and the European Union within the stated purchase process time limits, from 24 to 48 hours in Spain, and from from five (5) to seven (7) days for EU countries, a period that does not include the five (5) to seven (7) days reserved by ICON INSIDE for preparation, packaging, and shipping of the selected product, counting from the time of order confirmation.

ICON INSIDE uses the services of Correos, the Spanish national postal service.

Time of delivery may vary between seven (7) and fifteen (15) days, depending on the product conditions and details, on the order, and the country of destination. In the event of this period being exceeded, the CUSTOMER may revoke the purchase, request the refund of the amount paid for the order, or ask for the order to be met without any additional cost incurred.

In the event of an item being temporarily unavailable, ICON INSIDE will communicate this fact on the website and also contact the CUSTOMER without delay to communicate a new delivery period or, in the event of it not being possible to supply the order, to cancel the order and refund the amount paid. In no circumstances will a delay in the indicated delivery period grant the right to the CUSTOMER to any compensation.

The CUSTOMER will establish the place of delivery for the merchandise, where the carrier contracted by ICON INSIDE will physically deliver the package at the address provided by the CUSTOMER. In the event of the CUSTOMER being absent at the time of delivery, the carrier will leave a delivery note, in order to carry out a second delivery and/or the withdrawal of the product from the carrier’s depot. The ICON INSIDE website will inform the CUSTOMER of the payment method and additional delivery cost via this mechanism.


In accordance with the existing legislation, delivery of the product will be accompanied by the cancellation document needed by the CUSTOMER to exercise his or her right of cancellation, as well as the sales invoice. The CUSTOMER may not return an item showing evidence of use or deterioration due to the CUSTOMER’S own negligence or blame.

The CUSTOMER has fifteen (15) working days from the day of delivery to cancel the contract without any penalisation and without indicating reasons.

The CUSTOMER will pay any costs incurred as a result of exercising the right to cancellation, as well as for any damage to the product.

The CUSTOMER can exercise the right of cancellation by sending an email to informing the fact of cancellation, attaching the cancellation document, the corresponding invoice, and the product details.

If the CUSTOMER is dissatisfied or not in agreement with the product, he or she can request a refund or change of product within 15 days of receipt of the item/s purchased. ICON INSIDE will be responsble for the costs of collection.

In the event of dissatisfaction owing to a defect or error in the item sent, the CUSTOMER can choose to demand a replacement item, a change of item, or the full refund of the item price and shipping costs.

Replacement will be provided free for the CUSTOMER and must be effected in a period of no longer than 15 days from the CUSTOMER’s notification of dissatisfaction.

In the event that the CUSTOMER chooses to change the product, if the price of the new order is higher than the price of the returned item/s, the CUSTOMER must pay the difference. If the new price is lower than the initial amount paid, ICON INSIDE will refund the difference to the CUSTOMER by cheque or bank transfer.

Items must be returned to the following address:

ICON INSIDE | Juan Aís Carrión
Parque del Amadorio, nº 148, Pta. 5
03177 La Marina-Oasis (Alicante)

Before any refund can be effected, the CUSTOMER must contact ICON INSIDE using the Contact Form, Subject “Returns and Changes”, and state clearly in the message the reason for the product return. No refunds will be paid without a return being previously notified.

The product being returned must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. No product return or change will be effected if it is not in the same condition in which it was received. In the case of damage occurring due to inappropriate packaging, no return or change will be accepted.

Once the merchandise has been received at our facilities, ICON INSIDE will examine the product to check that the aforementioned conditions are met and contact the CUSTOMER by email, within a reasonable time period, to confirm whether the right to a refund of the amount paid is admissable. ICON INSIDE will accept the return of the product and proceed to refund the item cost in a period of no longer than 30 days from the receipt of the returned product at our address. In the event of a request to change the product, this period will be reduced to fifteen (15) working days from the receipt of said product.

The amount of the refund will equal that originally stated in the confirmed order, minus the sum of eight (€8) euros to cover shipping costs for the collection of the order in Spain, costs which may vary for other EU countries depending on the pick-up zone. In the case of defective products or erroneous shipments, all return costs will be met by ICON INSIDE, these being paid in any other case by the CUSTOMER.

The refund will be effected by the same method used to pay the original order.

In the event that this product return or change is the result of an item being given as a gift, no refund will be effective unless it is the actual paying CUSTOMER who requests the refund. This notwithstanding, the gift receiver may request a change of product size or for an item of the same or higher cost by following the previously described instructions. The person requesting the change or return will clearly state in the Contact Form the product reference number, as well as the reason for the change or return. Any price difference must be met by the person making the change, who will also be responsible for costs of collecting the item and sending out the new product.


All products sold by ICON INSIDE are checked before being sent to the CUSTOMER. This notwithstanding, if you should observe any original fault in the making of the product, contact us using the Contact Form, telling ICON INSIDE what has happened, and we will make every attempt possible to solve the problem in the briefest possible time period.

In the event of a faulty product or erroneous shipment, all costs will be paid by ICON INSIDE, these being paid in any other case by the CUSTOMER. The refund will be effected by the same method used to pay the original order.


These conditions apply exclusively to end customers, the resale of products acquired through this website being expressly forbidden unless express authorisation has been provided by ICON INSIDE.

ICON INSIDE will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from incorrect use of the products sold on its online store or through its App, or through their resale or final destination.